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A.C.E., Inc. South Florida process servers are more than capable of dealing with your subpoena service needs anytime. Whether it is delivering a subpoena duces tecum, subpoena ad testificandum or any other type of subpoena in the state of Florida A.C.E., Inc. is here for you!


There are various types of subpoenas, but the two most common ones are the subpoena duces tecum or a subpoena ad testificandum.


A subpoena duces tecum is one that orders an individual(s) or an organization to provide evidence to the court or the directing party. This subpoena aids in providing further background in a case. The proof that has to be provided must be physical evidence in the form of records, documents, papers and books to name a few.


A subpoena ad testificandum is one that simply requires the party to be present and testify before the court. This subpoena can require testimony to be given in person at the court or via phone, but regardless of the method it must be oral testimony. 


If the person(s) in question fail to heed/comply with the instruction of their specific subpoena there can be legal consequences that follow. Some of the ramifications that follow can be monetary sanctions, imprisonment, being held for contempt of court etc.

Let A.C.E., Inc. Statewide Florida Process Servers be Your go-to for all Subpoena Service Needs! We Deliver Subpoenas anywhere and anytime in the State of Florida.

At A.C.E., Inc. we are focused on delivering and serving subpoenas of all types throughout Florida. We are a Florida process service provider for attorneys, law offices and corporate counsel. Here at A.C.E., Inc. we are qualified and Licensed Florida process servers that are the experts you need to take care of all your subpoena service needs.

            Whether it is serving witnesses with subpoena's anywhere in the state of Florida, our devoted process servers have the expertise and work ethically and by statute to correctly handle your needs.

We accept subpoena's via email. We encourage you to send the subpoena electronically to save time and to not waste paper. All services are performed in a "standard" time frame which is three-five business days. If you need your subpoena served on a "rush" basis, we can serve within hours, if necessary. 


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